If you are looking for a German course that offers online lessons and one-to-one tuition, you have found the ideal program. This Live German Course combines educational material that you study on your own with live German classes that you take with a qualified German language teacher. This learning approach gives the best results in the shortest time.

How do I learn German with this online course?

You learn German in two ways: one-to-one with your private tutor in the virtual classroom, plus on- and offline on your own. Our virtual classroom provides an interactive environment where you meet with your private language tutor and speak German with him/her in real-time via your computer. It is like traveling to a German-speaking country and taking a face-to-face class, except that you can save the time and money needed for an immersion course abroad and study German from the comfort of your home, office, or preferred location.
You also study German by taking online lessons that include vocabulary flashcards, explanations about grammar, and many different interactive exercises. You practice all language skills: listening and understanding; speaking; reading; writing. Included in the course is also a book that you can use to study German away from the computer. The book is for additional practice and review and allows you to keep learning German 'offline' at any time.
The Live German Course offers the perfect combination of learning tools: live personal interaction; audio, text, and pictures; constant focus on the German language; personalized material and assignments to suit your needs; continuous feedback. All this without any complicated software to install or the additional costs of telephone calls. You do not have to call and practice German on the phone: you speak German with your private tutor online! All you need is a computer connected to the Internet, a headset (or speakers/headphones and a microphone), and a small voice client that you can download easily and freely from our website.
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Who is the Live German Course for?

Because of the unique way in which it was designed, this online course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn German for work, school, or travel. Busy people, expatriates, students, homeschoolers: all benefit from this interactive program and learn to speak German well. You may be a complete beginner whose goal is to just get by in German in view of a trip to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. This course is for you if you wish to be able to communicate effectively while abroad. You may have studied German before, but did not achieve complete fluency or have forgotten what you learned. This course is for you if you want to refresh your language skills and become proficient in German. You may now live in a German-speaking country, but do not have the time to attend a local language course. This course is for you if you need to be able to express yourself correctly in all situations of everyday life in your new country. Maybe learning German is a long cherished idea or perhaps you are new to learning a foreign language. Whatever your situation, this course can help you achieve your goals.
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Why take a German course online?

Taking this Live German Course online gives you all the benefits of German private tuition without any of the constraints of traditional courses. The most effective way to learn German is to take one-to-one lessons with a qualified language teacher. Now you can learn German this way without having to go abroad or attending a school. You can practice German online with your personal teacher at any time and from any location: you decide when to study and when to meet your instructor online. You can start at your current level, set your own pace, and successfully develop all language skills with the help of your private German language tutor.
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You might have tried German language books, CD and CD-ROMs, and other language learning aids but made little progress. It is difficult to improve with self-study programs that do not give proper feedback. Learning German with non-qualified native speakers can be slow and confusing because they are not trained to teach the language. You may have given up classes with proper German teachers too because in large classrooms it is rare to receive personal attention. In such situations progress is erratic because classmates have different skills and learning paces. Commuting back and forth may also be a problem. Some chat-rooms and online programs where you meet with strangers and so-called tutors are everything but a good language learning tool: conversation in German is often disorganized and not properly monitored; participants ask all sorts of irrelevant questions; and those with a serious interest in learning German are often put off. If any of these frustrating situations sound familiar, try our live German course. We think we will be able to revive your interest in learning German and restore your confidence and language skills. You can take a free trial lesson and see for yourself how effective our program is. Please contact us for more information.